Since 1996. Creative services and digital content design, development and production: motion graphics, vfx, interactive, informational, audio, video, multimedia.

creative services

general conceptual / creative direction

Maybe you need a lot of help. Or perhaps you just need a leg up: an outside-of-the-box concept for a marketing campaign, or a series of email header graphics and headlines that will entice respondents to actually read the copy, or a fresh way to position an existing product to a fatigued audience.

Whatever the challenge, whatever the target and whatever the medium, we'll bring to bear decades of experience across a broad range of media: print, local and network radio, television, cable, corporate communications and software publishing.

Tell us what you're trying to accomplish. We'll listen very carefully, ask lots of questions and then tell you if we think we can help. And if we don't think we can help, we'll tell you that too. That's just good business (and we'll respect ourselves in the morning).


Just about everything we do begins with words. We value clear, concise language which is economical and direct - while still being conversational and easy to read.

Our writing and publishing experience is extensive - from print to radio to tv - so we are just as comfortable generating headlines as we are creating marketing tweets, brochure copy, feature articles, technical instructions or voiceover scripts.

We're not perfect though. Despite near-heroic efforts, we still write pretty lame Haiku.

graphic design

All of our visual work is based on a solid foundation of design theory and usually (but not always) follows a set of important experiential conventions (ask us).

Although the majority of our output is digital (motion, web sites, user interfaces and presentation backgrounds), we spent many years in print and have had the pleasure of creating a variety of things you could hold in your hands, including annual reports, magazine ads, brochures, flyers, newsletters, trade show booth graphics and packaging.

Above all else, we are passionate about effectiveness. In fact, we are so passionate that we offer a half-day workshop that teaches non-designers how humans visually process information and how to ensure that their organizational communications channels - from web sites to print ads - present the fewest barriers.

If your message doesn't get through, looks don't matter.

We favor clean lines, muted colors, spacious margins and techniques proven to help the eye finds its way around. If heavily decorated, edgy or busy is what you're looking for, we're not the right shop. But if communicating effectively is your focus, let's chat.

ui-ux-workflow design / information architecture

Order from chaos! We LOVE to organize, so helping clients create structured, logical workflows and clean yet pleasing interfaces which provide effortless navigation through complex amounts of information is almost as exciting as arranging our canned goods by expiration date, label color and contents.

But we've already done that, so let's get working on your stuff. :)

sound design / sound for picture / scoring

Adding the right music and/or sound effects to the right moments in a video yields far more than the sum of its parts. Likewise, sound can do wonders in creating a more engaging interactive experience, from a game to a standalone kiosk.

Our folks are particularly enthusiastic about sound in all its forms and will happily tell you about the spectral qualities shared by a didgeridoo and a rotating air raid siren, or that the standard North American dial tone is a perfect F natural and you don't really need that guitar tuning app on your smart phone after all.

Even better, they have more than thirty years of real-world experience - from producing local and network-level radio and tv (see below) to providing scoring and sound design for almost every one of our interactive titles and videos.

Is good audio a luxury? We don't think it should be, and we use a combination of better stock pieces and brilliant custom scoring tools to deliver big impact on even a tiny budget.

Music to your ears!

voiceover / radio spots / audio production

Our principal spent fifteen years in radio - the last three and half of them managing all production and programming for a multi-format, international satellite network, and has written and produced everything from 2-second stingers to 30-second ads to six-hour, long-form entertainment specials.

If your campaign needs effective radio advertising, talk to us. We've worked with some of the best and most recognizable voices in the Denver/Boulder market, and we are especially adept at using [intelligent] humor, "spokescharacters" and serial/episodic story lines to create spots that people not only listen to the first time, but look forward to hearing again and again.

Doesn't that sound good?

interactive, immersive imaging

If "seeing is believing" drives the success of your communications effort, QuickTime VR probably is a tool you can't afford to ignore.

Simply put, QTVR is the next best thing to being there. Think "Google Street View" for interiors (or exteriors for that matter). This widely adopted, bandwidth scalable, rapidly deployed and extremely useful technology enables us to easily immerse the user within a fully interactive and navigable environment.